Advolis Life Science Concepts Ltd. and the Biopolo Ticino organized a Minisymposium on
Fructan Diet, Functional Food, Vascular Diseases, Gastro-Intestinal Disorders and Cancer Prevention
Fructan and Human Health
The symposium, 23-25 October 2003 in Lugano, Switzerland, aimed at creating an environment for cutting edge discussions among Swiss and International experts in fructan research and in the relevant health issues.

This work-shop that gathered 20 attendants was a success thanks to the quality of the presentations and the input and motivation of all the participants. This small size symposium provided an optimal environment for interdisciplinary brain-storming and for exchange of ideas between scientists who had never collaborated before. Indeed, several possible multi-competences projects emerged from the discussions and the workshops as well as several strategies to find sources of financing.

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