updated October, 2005

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  • Discover the innovative tool for commercial assessment of academic technology platforms
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  • >>>>> On October 17th, 09:20h Dr. Hélène Corbière-Divialle presents Advolis at the Connect Day of the BioValley Life Sciences Weeks

  • Advolis brings ROOTec to Basel. bioactives GmbH Basel was (re)created on May 11th 2005 with Dr. Peter Ripplinger, Dr. Hélène Corbière-Divialle and Dr. Alain Denis Meyer as shareholders. A German - French - Swiss management team for a company dedicated to the production of plant-derived bioactive molecules now member of the BioValley Network and with laboratory at the TZW Witterswil.

  • With Advolis as project coordinators and editors, the Department Clinical-Biological Sciences (DKBW) University of Basel has published its first 4 year report

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  • Currently we do not have open positions in our company
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